How to challenge your TEAM!

Check out this short guide to discover how you can boost your overall highscore!

1. Create a TEAM and invite members

Only registered and logged in users can create TEAMS. 

  • Register or login
  • After successful login an additional navigation tabs appear:
  • Go to the TEAMS page
  • Fill in a team name and click on the CREATE button
  • Now the INVITE button appears
  • Click the button and invite friends or colleagues via E-Mail


2. Start the challenge!

  • Go to the homepage where you can find all active quizzes
  • Click the CHALLENGE button of the desired quiz
  • The Quiz starts automatically and all your teammates will be invited also automatically


3. Why start a challenge! 

  • The challenge winner gets points for the overall high score list
  • The larger the team, the more points are awarded to the challenge winner


4. How to win and play the challenge?

  • The team member with the best quiz high score wins 
  • You can play the quiz as often as it is allowed to be played
  • You can play as long as the quiz runs
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